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am i the only one who gets upset when chris uses the damn autotune mic that fucks up his voice? it’s like tpain 2.0 omfg i swear if i ever go to his concert and he uses it i’m going up onto the stage and taking it away from him

OMFG YES !!!!!! Gets on my nerves.

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this long dick nigga ain’t for the long talkin

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Start Over Fanfiction: Chapter Fifty-Eight.



I had a feeling I knew where Ana and Sasha went, but I didn’t want to blurt it out to Jasper and have him take that shit literal. Knowing him and how crazy he was thinking right now, he would drive down there. Not that I was against getting our girls back, but they left us. I know…

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It really bothers me that when she was with Matt Kemp /Drake Rih had this banging thick body and all (Red hair / brown curly hair period) ,like she was BAD AS FUCK ,but now that she is with chris she is all skinny with nothing …She still beautiful but I hope that she gonna do something about it lol…I can’t help it when I see old pictures I think about that !

I agree.

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i turned a black and white picture into color ^.^

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lol gotta love them

Lmao i miss these moments 

“Call me jungle cause i’m always rolling with Tyga” lmfao.

LOL they’re stupid.

Belly button tatted up/you know meh! Tatted like a mexi got damn I think im sexy !

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